We may not be doing ministry in-person

but our ministry continues and there are still bills to pay!


During this time when you cannot present your offerings in-person, please continue to support the church as generously as you can. Giving in response to what God has given us is a spiritual practice for all times, each of us giving as we are able to in that moment.  We invite you to mail your offerings to the church or donate electronically.  There is a link below for an online payment program called “Simply Giving”. This program enables you to make donations at the time of your choice or automatically on a regularly scheduled basis.  You can also set up Zion Lutheran Church as a payee for your bank account using your bank's online banking system.  (Visit your bank's website for details.)


And please continue to be generous in your prayers

for each other, our congregation, our community, and the world!


Simply Giving

Simply Giving enables members to make their donations to the church on a scheduled basis through automatic deductions and electronic transfers from either a checking or savings account.  Electronic giving makes contributing to the church’s missions and ministry simple and convenient for the donor and it helps the church manage its finances more reliably.  For more information about Simply Giving click here.


Thrivent members are able to direct where some of Thrivent Financial's charitable outreach funds go. Since 2010, eligible members have used this program to direct more than $225 million to churches and nonprofits nationwide. Members become eligible for Thrivent Choice based on the value of their insurance premiums, contract values and Thrivent volunteer leadership. Eligible members are notified of the designated Choice Dollars that they may direct to enrolled nonprofits.

Are you a Thrivent member?
  • You may have "Choice Dollars" available to you by virtue of your ownership of a Thrivent product.

  • You may be able to direct these dollars toward Zion or another organization of your choice.


Please don't pass up an opportunity to direct your "Choice Dollars" to Zion Lutheran Church!

To learn about your options:

  1. Call Thrivent at 1-800-847-Thrivent (4836) and speak to an agent. 

  2. Log onto into your Thrivent account and select "Direct Choice Dollars".

  3. Click here for more information.


Church members who would like to make contributions to other organizations that are active in local communities or are part of national and international Lutheran ministries might want to consider giving to one or more of these causes:

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